The Blacklist season 7: See Katarina Rostova, more in photos from premiere

Katarina Rostova is back and taking prisoners. Well, one prisoner specifically: Raymond Reddington.

Viewers were shocked when the reunion between Reddington and Katarina turned into an abduction during The Blacklist season 6 finale. From the look of these images from the season 7 premiere, Red is in serious trouble.

Now, she has Red and all of his friends will have to work hard to save him. “We start season 7 in a place where the audience is sort of in Reddington’s shoes, with a whole bag of questions,” says executive producer Jon Bokenkamp.

Trapped in Paris, outside the jurisdiction of his friends in the FBI, Team Red has their work cut out for them. And even if — or more likely, when — the team successfully extracts the criminal mastermind, don’t think Katarina is going away anytime soon. She is “the most significant Blacklister” in many ways and will “have a deep impact on Liz and everything she believes in season 7,” EP John Eisendrath teases of Liz’s mom, who is holding on to a lot of information about Red. “The sort of triangle of Katarina, Liz, and Red will shine new light on the mythology of the show.”

Here are more images of Reddington and the task force from the episode:

The Blacklist returns Oct. 4 on NBC.

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