The Chase fans accuse Bradley Walsh of throwing show by speeding up questions

Fans of ITV gameshow The Chase have accused host Bradley Walsh of “throwing’ the result of the show after he appeared to ask questions far quicker for the chaser during the final round.

During the tense final moments of the show, fans watched chaser Shaun Wallace close in on the final three contestants in a nail-biting race to the end.

As the chaser catches the losing threesome by less than a second, livid fans are claiming the host sped up his questions to allow the chaser to snag a victory, giving the contestants an unfair disadvantage.

One user wrote: "If Bradley asked the contestants the questions this fast, they’d get more. #TheChase".

As another raged: "Brad speeds up questions for the chaser. He’s throwing it and nobody can convince me otherwise."

A third even suggested that the clock was faulty: "I'm sure that last 1 second should have nudged to 0 just before Shaun answered."

Fans also claim the contestants were duped out of the prize money after the chaser's answers was accepted despite not giving the full answer.

"Woaah! Why was Shaun allowed 'Archers' as a winning answer? It's called 'The Archers'. It's as bad as the F1 debacle," said a viewer.

Another blasted: "I like #TheChase but that was wrong what happened on the final chase with accepting 'Springsteen' as an answer and not 'Bruce Springsteen'. Bradley’s ALWAYS the first to say to the contestants 'More Please'. Bit of skullduggery there."

Throughout the episode fans watched Scottish player Des bag a whopping £35k for the prize pot while fellow contestants John and Amma each chose minus money for their face-to-face with the chaser.

"If I was Des I’d be livid," said one fan. Another added: "It’s all on you Des… I’d rather go home with nothing than give them 10K #TheChase".

Viewers were also left shocked after chaser Shaun admitted had never seen Disney classic Mary Poppins.

"There are people out there who have never seen Mary Poppins?" said one viewer. Another gasped: "Shaun has never seen Mary Poppins where’s he been?"

Fans were left outraged last week by the news that the latest series of episodes was coming to an end, meaning only repeat episodes will be shown.

It means they will have to wait until the New Year for new episodes of The Chase to be broadcast.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "All right, guys, this is it. Time for the last brand-new episode of #TheChase of 2021! Let's give 'em hell!"

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