The Chase: Shaun Wallace silenced by Bradley Walsh after he erupts in outburst

The Chase returned to ITV tonight with Bradley Walsh hosting and Shaun Wallace, ‘The Dark Destroyer’ sitting in the Chaser’s chair. 

Viewers tuned in to see another four hopeful contestants answer a variety of questions with the opportunity of winning big. 

But midway through the episode, Bradley erupted at Shaun and made fun of him for a comment he made. 

It was the turn of Jeff to face the Chaser and the question he was given was: “‘A creme caramel is a type of baked what? A. Custard, B. Cheesecake, C. Charlotte.

Bradley said: “You’ve put B. Cheesecake. I’ve got to say, this is my favourite dessert out of all desserts. This is what I have every single time if it’s on the old menu, I love it. 

“Correct answer is, A. Custard. It’s custard, and it’s gorgeous! Egg custard! Staying where you are. Chaser has put… A. Custard. Goes right with custard. Do you love it?” he asked Shaun. 

“It’s Kenny Sansom,” the Chaser relied and Bradley exclaimed: “Isn’t it great? Handsome, I know cockney rhyming slang, that don’t exist, what did you make that up? You just made that one up?”

“Me and my boys have our own sort of cockney… but you got it though,” Shaun stated. 

“You and what boys,” Bradley hit back and viewers saw Shaun explain: “Me and my boys, my lads, my mates!” 

But this was just the start of Bradley’s outburst.

“Who are precisely…?” he teased. 

Shaun replied: “Well, I’m not going to name my mates, they will be embarrassed.” 

“Well, of course they are going to be embarrassed! Because you haven’t got any! Are they imaginary?

“You and your imaginary rhyming banter. Hello, oh look there’s my mate brown toast, he’s a ghost,” the presenter exclaimed. 

Nevertheless, Jeff was unsuccessful at adding to the jackpot and was sent home. 

It was then the turn of Marge to raise some cash but she failed to answer a single question during the cash builder. 

“Marge,” Bradley said. “No questions answered correctly therefore not a lot of money. However, we will still go to the table.” 

I know cockney rhyming slang.

Bradley to Shaun.

Facing Shaun with £0, she was offered -£1000 to take a step closer to home, or a measly £1,000 to take a step closer to the Chaser. 

Opting to stick with no money, Marge managed to make it back to the team. 

And those watching the segment found the high offer hilarious. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss, one said: “PAHAHAHAH IM SCREAMING FACT THE TOP OFFER WAS A GRAND #thechase.” 

“NOTHING on the cash builder! Has that ever happened before #TheChase,” another asked. 

A third remarked: “Did I just see that right. Higher offer of £1,000? I know the lady didn’t get any right but is that it?! #Thechase.” 

The Chase airs weekday evenings at 5pm on ITV. 

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