The Crown writer defends portrayal of ‘cold’ Queen following backlash

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He added that Her Majesty was likely “much more ready to be a mother” by the time Prince Andrew and prince Edward were born than when her elder children were young. Mr Morgan said the ideology behind the “two teams” depiction was described to him by a royal historian.

He told the Times: “When I heard that theory, it instantly chimed.”

Mr Morgan said that it was “emotionally intuitive and plausible” that the young Queen had trouble giving her firstborn the attention needed.

He added: “I thought it was a really smart observation, and made the decision to go with that.”

Speaking on the official Crown podcast, Mr Morgan also explained why the Queen’s way of raising her first two children may have affected Charles more than Anne.

He said: “Anne probably didn’t need that much mothering, based on what I see of her as a character.

“Charles, unfortunately, needs a great deal of love.

“He needs a lot of love, and she was probably unable to give it.

“His need for it, his demonstrative need for it, might have made her ability… retreat even further.”

Mr Morgan’s comments come after the latest season of the show received stern criticism from Palace insiders.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, one Palace source said: “The new series paints the Prince and Duchess in a very unflattering light but at least at the start of reality shows like The Only Way Is Essex they admit that some scenes have been invented for entertainment.

“There is no sense of telling carefully nuanced stories – it’s all very two-dimensional.

The insider added: “This is trolling with a Hollywood budget.

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“The public shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this is an accurate portrayal of what really happened.”

Royal experts also denounced the hit show’s depictions, with one royal author claiming Prince William is “angry” and “upset” about the latest season.

Royal biographist Penny Junor said: “I think Harry will find himself in a very awkward situation right now.

“It is yet another example, perhaps, of how difficult it is to mix being royal with the commercial world. There are bear traps everywhere.

“I would guess that William is very angry about this latest series of The Crown. And be deeply upset on behalf of his family. As will Harry.

“It is a grotesque and deeply unfair portrayal of their father, mother and stepmother, and of the wider family, including, of course, their grandparents whom they love dearly.

“Because this series is now covering a time and events that so many people can remember, but is incredibly damaging.

“We are given the impression that the Royal Family are horrible people who behave in a despicable manner.”

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