'The Masked Singer' Fans Are Loving the New Season 4 Gameplay Twist

Fox launched The Masked Singer just about a year ago, and the television series has become an instant sensation.

The premise of the show is centered around a group of popular celebrities and influencers who dress up in extreme costumes and perform undercover against one another. In previous seasons, the studio’s audience were the ones voting on the musical battles leaving the losers’ fates in the hands of the judges. Wayne Brady, Patti LaBelle, and Jordyn Woods are just a few of the famous faces to appear on the game show. Nick Cannon is the beloved host of the show that so many people have grown to love over the past few seasons. However, Fox has warned fans and viewers of The Masked Singer to expect some mind-blowing changes for the new season. See what the public knows so far and find out everything that fans and viewers of the series will want to know. 

What does the public know about the upcoming season of ‘The Masked Singer’?

It is no secret that the ongoing global pandemic has shaken up the productions and timelines of television series and films everywhere. With that being said, many fans and viewers were uncertain what that would mean for season 4 of The Masked Singer, but luckily Fox has managed a way to successfully and safely move forward with the filming and premiere of a new season. Safely is the keyword here. Craig Plestis, the show’s creator, explained the behind the details that made this season possible. Plestis confidently stated, “And prepping for the show taping itself is all about making sure that everyone is protected going into production with testing and everything else and a limited amount of people on sets and keeping people, even when they get into production, in an isolated position. So safety is key all the way across for our crew and our talent. It’s a lot of extra work, a lot of extra money, but it’s worth the energy to produce this.”

It is obvious that the production team is excited about what they have in store for an audience. Take a closer look at just what they mean. 

What do fans think of the new season?

Due to COVID-19, the format of the show was forced to shift in its nature. For health and safety reasons, there is no live audience this season.

For that reason, for the first time ever, The Masked Singer is incorporating a live vote feature. Fans and viewers can vote virtually from home.

So far, despite the many changes the show has undergone, fans are loving the show just as much as they did before, taking to places like Reddit to express their excitement.

What is the new twist on ‘The Masked Singer’? 

In anticipation of the foruth season, Plestis shared: “Format-wise, you’ll see some similarity to the past seasons, but there’s some innovative twists and turns that we’re doing in this new season just to keep it fresh.”

Just days before the new season began a video of Nick Cannon was released where he explains the new twist that involves the judges. For the first time on The Masked Singer, the judges are competing as well. “The Golden Ear Trophy” will definitely be spicing things up this season. 

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