The Masked Singer on FOX: Fans convinced Hamilton star will be unveiled as the Mushroom

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Season four of The Masked Singer’s US iteration on Fox is rapidly approaching the final round. As more secret celebs are eliminated, fans are almost certain a breakthrough star from Broadway’s Hamilton, recently added to Disney Plus, will be revealed as one of the contenders.

Fox viewers have tipped either Daveed Diggs or Leslie Odom Jr. as the Mushroom on this year’s fourth instalment of The Masked Singer.

So far, fans have had a hard time distinguishing the Mushroom’s vocals, although their performances have been some of the most impressive of this season.

Mushroom even managed to throw viewers off their gender with their high singing register, though it’s now widely agreed the performer is indeed a ‘fun-guy’.

He most recently knocked the judges off their feet with a performance of Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time in Week 6 at the start of November.

This week will see Group C take to the stage once more to give Broccoli, Jellyfish and Mushroom another chance to show-off before we reach the Semi-Finals.

As the competition heats up, viewers have been trawling through the clues to determine the identities of some of the show’s more elusive contenders.

Over the weeks, fans soon realised a staggering number of references to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historical musical Hamilton were included in Mushroom’s clue videos.

After spotting the many Easter eggs, Hamilton alums Daveed Diggs and Leslie Odom Jr. were singled out as potential candidates for the woodland singer.

A master thread on Reddit picked out the most revealing clues, making the case for Mushroom’s Broadway beginnings pretty undeniable.

Redditor sunleefyelock summarised: “Masked Singer is normally NOT obvious with their clues at all, so it weirds me out that I could count eight Hamilton clues in the script.

“1. Grow up to be a healer and scholar. 2. Young scrappy and funky. 3. World turned upside down. 4. Got my shot. 5. Say yes to this 6. Shroom where it happens 7. Rise up 8. Grow less, smile more.”

Not only have Mushroom’s clue packages featured several direct references to the musical, his first video introduced the spritely character in front of a distinctly theatrical backdrop.

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However, the series is infamous for misleading fans with its cryptic clues that are always easy to misinterpret.

Additionally, some viewers are certain the Mushroom has been disguising his voice to throw off the scent.

One fan replied: “I know a lot of people think it’s Leslie, but my gut says it might be Daveed Diggs.”

And on Mushroom’s clue video on YouTube, another joked: “What if every actor from Hamilton took the gig. They’re free, there’s no broadway right now. Would be hilarious and amazing.”

The show received a resurgence in popularity when it was added to Disney Plus earlier this year to be enjoyed by musical fans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Diggs and Odom Jr. have become major stars on both the big and small screens.

Daveed Diggs leads new sci-fi drama Snowpiercer and received acclaim for his role in social drama Blindspotting, while Odom Jr.’s upcoming film One Night In Miami is already getting early buzz.

The Masked Singer US continues Thursday, November 26 on Fox.

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