The Pact BBC cast: Who is in the cast?

The Pact: BBC releases trailer for new thriller

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The Pact will be arriving on BBC One on Monday, May 17 and the thriller series is full of dark twists and turns. The TV show follows a group of friends and colleagues who find themselves caught up in a murder after a drunken mistake. has all you need to know about who is in the cast. 

Who is in The Pact?

Anna Price – Laura Fraser

Anna is one of the colleagues at the brewery and she is caught up in her boss’s murder, along with her friends. 

She has it tough as she is married to police officer Max (Jason Hughes) who is investigating the case. 

The show’s creator, Pete McTighe, spoke exclusively to about Anna, saying: “It’s a rough time for her because she’s got kids at home who are a nightmare. 

“She’s got Max who is working on the case and she’s kind of sleeping with the enemy and that was too delicious a thing. As soon as I thought of it I was like oh yeah, that has to happen because the tension that builds throughout the series in that relationship is extraordinary.”

Anna is played by Laura Fraser, a Scottish actress known for her roles in A Knight’s Tale, Lip Service and Breaking Bad. 

Speaking to about her character, she said: “I really, really felt so sorry for her because she really is caught in such a predicament.

“It’s such a huge moral dilemma and when the women on the night of the party, when this devastating thing happens, when they are forced to make a pact she practically begs the women ‘please can we tell the police’.

“She really fights to tell the truth but in the end, she agrees to the pact and she thinks the pact is going to keep them safe.”

Nancy – Julie Hesmondhalgh

Nancy is described as the mother-figure of the group, she is very religious and acts as the moral compass. 

But she has plenty of her own dark secrets and fans will see many different sides to her. 

She is played by Julie Hesmondhalgh, an English actress known for her role as Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street. 

She also starred in Broadchurch and The Trouble with Maggie Cole. 

Speaking about her character, she told “The action is set in a brewery where these women work and they are great friends, some of them have been friends for many years.

“Some of them are new to the group and Nancy I would say is the sort of kindly auntie of the group. She’s the one that they turn to, she’s the sort of cuddly older woman figure within the group.

“She’s the sensible one. All of us are a very close-knit group. I love her because she’s such an interesting character. On the surface, she might seem like somebody that I would play in that she’s kind of friendly and warm.

“But there is so much more to everybody in this programme.”

DS Holland – Rakie Ayola

DS Holland is in charge of the investigation into Jack’s (Aneurin Barnard) death and she has a very unique way of working. 

She is unlike any other television cop and fans will be in for an exciting ride when they meet her. 

She is played by Rakie Ayola, a Welsh actress known for her roles in Grace, Black Mirror, Noughts + Crosses and Doctor Who. 

Ayola told about her character, saying: “I think she’s a good cop. She’s a good cop in every sense of the word.

“She’s a detective superintendent and when I read it I was drawn in by the wonderful world that Pete’s created. But there were little eccentric things that he had given Holland and when I saw that on the page I thought yeah I would love to play this woman. 

“I like the little quirks he had taken the time to give her and that’s what I find really interesting. It was so refreshing to read a character that had this eccentricity written in.”

Max Price – Jason Hughes

Max is a police officer in the series who is helping investigate the brewery boss’s murder. 

Little does he know, his wife and her friends are some of the main suspects. 

He is played by Jason Hughes, a Welsh actor known for his roles in This Life and Midsomer Murders. 

He told “I think what was clever about what Pete did with Max was that he tied in the procedural stuff with the family life, and I thought that was very clever that he never had a separate life going on with the women and then there was the police on the other side.

“He’s a good man, he’s grounded, loves his family. I like the idea also that he had been in another job for years and had decided to make a career change and join the force.”

Jack Evans –  Aneurin Barnard

Jack is the boss of the brewery and his body is found in the woods one night, leading to a murder investigation. 

He is played by Aneurin Barnard, a Welsh actor known for Hunky Dory and The Truth About Emanuel.

Louie – Eiry Thomas

Louie is one of the friendship group who is caught up in the murder and she happens to be Jack’s aunt. 

For her, his death unravels many dark family secrets. 

She is played by Eiry Thomas, an actress known for The Bench, Enid a Lucy and Keeping Faith.

Cat – Heledd Gwynn

Cat is the final member of the friendship group and she faces another stint in prison following the murder. 

Just as she managed to turn her life around, her past experiences come back to haunt her. 

She is played by Heledd Gwynn, an actress known for Gwaith/Cartref and 35 Diwrnod. 

The Pact airs on BBC One from May 17. 

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