The Undoing fans convinced Grace's son Henry murdered Elena after spotting string of 'seriously suspicious' clues

THE Undoing fans are convinced Grace's son Henry murdered Elena Alves.

The psychological thriller series continues to heat up and viewers believe the killer could come from an unlikely source.

Henry (Noah Jupe) visited Jonathan (Hugh Grant) in prison and was overcome with emotion when admitted his father admitted he had an affair with Elena, but denied killing her.

While the idea of Grace (Nicole Kidman) and Jonathan's young son committing murder seems far-fetched, fans have reason to believe he is the one behind the heinous act.

Viewers took to Twitter and one asked: "Anyone watching #TheUndoing? Hot take: I think it’s the son. Just saying. Seems sketch."

Another speculated: "Jonathan was saying something suspicious to his son when Grace was on the phone with the police. Then when his son visits him in jail they touch their hands in a weird way like the son handed in something to him? Did anyone else notice? #TheUndoing."

A third follower shared: "I think it's his son who committed the murder and Jonathan is taking the blame so that he doesn't go to jail."

While this user added: "My theory on #TheUndoing. the son found out the dad was having an affair, killed the girl, the dad knows the son killed her and is trying to protect him."

The third episode ended in dramatic fashion as the police showed Grace CCTV footage of her walking around in the area around Elena's apartment on the night she was murdered.

This left the therapist astonished, claiming she had no idea where Elena lived.

Earlier in the episode she was confronted by Elena's husband Fernando (Ismael Cruz Córdova), who threatened her about mentioning his wife's name.

The Undoing episode 4 sees Grace collapse and Franklin threaten to murder Jonathan.

A teaser clip ahead of next week's brand new episode shows a nervous-looking Jonathan receive a chilling death threat from his father-in-law Franklin.

Franklin warned: "Should you do anything to further harm my daughter, I will track you down, and I will kill you myself."

The clip also shows Franklin questioning daughter Grace if she is going to forgive Jonathan and go back to being a normal family again.

Grace retorted: "How weak do you think I am?", before the clip ended with Grace being surrounded in a heap on the ground.

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