'The View': Why Meghan McCain Won’t Leave the Show Anytime Soon

ABC’s The View isn’t designed for those who want to escape the endless political chatter that dominates everything we see, including on social media. Before the Trump era, it was more of a general issues/gossip show with the women cast talking about things relevant to everyone’s lives. Even if they usually all spoke at once, the conversations were entertaining and harmonious.

When things became more political, acrimony increased tenfold. Adding Meghan McCain as co-host allows for another moderate conservative voice, but also brings far more edginess.

McCain realizes her voice might get crowded out by the mostly liberal hosts. Rumors persist she’ll quit soon, though is the drama real or just more influence from a situation writer?

Meghan McCain has only been on ‘The View’ for two years

Yes, time seems to have elongated since Donald Trump became president. It’s hard to believe McCain has only been on The View two years when it seems like double or triple that.

What used to happen in six months or a year now happens in a week, making The View one busy and volatile place to discuss our most serious political issues. Because McCain is already a naturally emotional person —and more so since her dad, John McCain, passed — the edginess only heightens there five days a week.

Recently, McCain says she feels like a “caged animal” because she doesn’t receive any support for her views from the show’s staff. Some of the prior conservative hosts have said the same, despite no real definitive evidence. The only solution for some of them was to simply quit, something fans of the show see inevitable with McCain.

Or is the drama building a new part of the reality show landscape? It’s still worth pondering whether the arguments on the show are unexpected or set up to create tension.

Both the show and Meghan McCain benefit from each other

As noted above from The Daily Beast, it seems the producers of The View don’t want McCain to leave. They like the connections she has in D.C. and the insight she brings about political stories.

Conversely, McCain likes being on The View because it makes her feel like “going to war” in a national spotlight to address issues she feels are important. You can see both sides of the coin here. The mutuality in knowing how each benefit from the other may keep her on the show if the behind-the-scenes chaos is still real.

Even then, it’s not hard to envision a situation writer employed who maps out what the hosts will talk about and the potential ensuing arguments. Drama on this level always seems suspect now in a reality show culture where we’re never sure what’s real and what’s halfway fabricated.

If there’s any truth to that theory, then the sometimes daily dramas with McCain may give The View added strength in people tuning in, just to watch a potential meltdown.

Is the friction on ‘The View’ real or scripted?

Let’s hope the arguing in favor of a political side is completely real and not goaded on by producers or writers. There could be a combination of both going on to keep everyone guessing.

No doubt it says a lot about viewers that they’d only tune in to see a potential train wreck happen on The View with McCain leading the way. Her intense feelings for certain topics may end up in a heated argument eventually, leading to a point where she’ll feel she has no choice but to leave.

As exciting as some of the arguments are sometimes, no one wants to see a mental breakdown on-air and all-out fight. In a world already teetering on insanity sometimes, seeing a morning talk show with some level of sanity when talking about politics would feel far more reassuring.

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