The West Wing season 1 cast: Where are the original cast now?

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The West Wing has come back into the spotlight following the 2020 Presidential Election in the US. The political drama series followed a fictional Democratic president and his senior staff at the Oval Office and other departments in the White House. has all you need to know about where the season one cast are now.

Where are the original West Wing cast now?

Josiah “Jed” Bartlet – Martin Sheen

Jed Bartlet was the main character across the seven seasons and he was the fictional President of the United States, who found it difficult to adapt to his new responsibility.

The former economist also suffered from multiple sclerosis, which impeded on his work from time to time. He is later succeeded by Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits).

Martin Sheen first took on the role in 1999, and the American actor is now 80-years-old. He celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to wife Janet Templeton in 2011.

The couple has four children together and they are all actors – his son Charlie went on to star in Two and a Half Men.

The star was born Ramón Antonio Gerard Estévez, and in 2012 he took part in the American version of Who Do You Think You Are? to discover more about his Irish and Spanish heritage.

The actor’s health was in question back in 2015, when he had a quadruple heart bypass, but he is still going strong and has signed up to a couple of new film projects.

Leo McGarry – John Spencer

Leo was a friend of the president throughout the seven seasons and he also acted as the president’s Chief of Staff.

His character was played by John Spencer, and he won a Primetime Emmy Award for his portrayal of the character in 2002.

Sadly the actor died after suffering a heart attack when he was just 58-years-old, in 2005. He was four days away from turning 59.

His West Wing co-stars attended a private funeral, and they all paid tribute to him in their own unique way.

His death was written into the final season of The West Wing, as his character was too said to have died after having a heart attack on the night of the election.

In tribute to the actor, his name was kept in the opening credits for the rest of the final season.

Josh Lyman – Bradley Whitford

Josh Lyman was Leo’s Deputy Chief of Staff and he was always described as a sharp-minded ad quick-witted character.

For most of the episodes, he acted as the Chief Political Advisor to Bartlet, and the role won actor Bradley Whitford a Primetime Emmy Award in 2001.

The actor is now 61-years-old, and he married partner Amy Landecker in 2019. He had three children with his previous wife, Jane Kaczmarek.

He started dating Landecker in 2015 and they are engaged three years later.

He received an honour as the Champion of Justice by the Alliance for Justice in 2007, and he is on the Board of Trustees for Wesleyan University.

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Toby Ziegler – Richard Schiff

Toby Ziegler is the communications director and he was responsible for preparing many of Bartlet’s memorable speeches.

He ended up finding himself in a lot of trouble amid a White House scandal, and fans had wondered whether the could redeem himself.

His character was played by Richard Schiff, a 65-year-old American director and actor who won an Emmy Award for his role.

In November 2020 he revealed both he and his wife Sheila Kelley had tested positive for coronavirus and he ended up being taken to hospital.

He was released from hospital on November 19 and is said to be still recovering, along with his wife who was still showing signs of illness.

Since leaving The West Wing he took on a main role in the series Rogue, and a whole host of recurring roles, including Jon Gottlief in The Affair.

C.J. Cregg – Allison Janney

C.J. Cregg was the president’s press secretary and she went on to become chief of staff. At the end of Bartlet’s time in office, she ended up leaving the White House.

Her character went on to marry Danny Concannon (Timothy Busfield), a senior correspondent for the White House.

She was played by Allison Janney, a 61-year-old actress who revealed she had never been married or had any children, and she was at peace with the idea of not starting a family.

In recent years she became an activist for mental health, addiction recovery and same-sex marriage.

She received a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the world of entertainment in 2016.

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