Tiny shop smaller than an average garage goes up for sale for £27,000

A tiny shop smaller than an average garage is up for sale for someone with big dreams – for just £27,000.

The small store measures just 4.5ft wide, and is sandwiched between an opticians and a shoe shop.

For illustration, this thin structure means you cannot outstretch your hands fully while inside the shop.

Buyers will also get a kitchenette at the back, though, which could be used to transform the property into a small cafe.

It has previously been used as a sweets stall and a sandwich bar on the high street in Blackwood, Gwent. And, despite its minute size, it’s perfectly suited for another burgeoning business.

Debra Bisley, of Paul Fosh Auctions, says the space stretches back 28 feet and is 123.7 square feet in total.

She said: ‘We believe that this is surely the smallest shop currently for sale. Although it’s small it’s in an ideal spot for the right business.

‘The shuttered shop has previously traded as a vape shop, a sweets stall and as a sandwich bar.

‘The possibilities for the space may not be endless but with some imagination it could become perhaps a takeaway coffee shop, card shop, small boutique or perhaps a mobile phone repair outlet or bijou beauty salon or nail bar.’

It was added that the property benefits from plenty of footfall, something bricks-and-mortar business owners rely on.

The property has a guide price of £27,000 and online bidding begins on October 19. You can have a look at the listing here.

Tiny homes and tiny living have grown in popularity in recent years, sparking TV shows and news pieces about life in a home less than 400 square feet.

Although this would be a commercial investment rather than somewhere to live, the novelty of the mini shop may appeal to business owners looking for something unique.

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