Tipping Point viewers distracted by ITV players annoying reaction to machine

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    Tipping Point viewers found themselves struggling to focus on the game when one contestant kept distracting them with her 'annoying' habit.

    Youth worker Sue joined the team on Wednesday's (March 8) show as they got to work with trying to earn a place in the final and a chance at the £10k jackpot.

    As the game got underway fans of the hit ITV quiz show very quickly noticed that Sue had a rather irritating habit that came out as she watched the counters drop.

    After answering correctly and selecting her drop zone for her precious prize Sue began urging the counters out of the machine with a little vocal encouragement as she repeatedly shouted "push, push, push."

    Viewers then took to Twitter to air their frustration as Sue's commentary as she continued the quirky offering after every answer.

    One wrote: "Could Sue be any more annoying? Push, push, push , push. How about you push off Sue?"

    A second added: "Someone please push push push Sue out the door!!"

    A third joked: "Did Sue say she was a retired midwife?"

    A fourth social media user tweeted: "Drinking game idea, take a shot every time Sue says push."

    A fifth said: "She’s driving me insane telling the machine to 'push push push,' like calm down Sue it’s not gonna pull ‘em."

    While Sue cruised through the first round by the end of round two despite her extra pushing she found herself struggling to keep up.

    The well-meaning contestant ended up crashing out at the end of the round having pushed her way to £1550 worth of counters.

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