Tragic death lined up for Coronation Street character

There are tragic scenes ahead in Coronation Street as a much loved character is about to be hit with devastating death news which will go on to change her life forever. In upcoming scenes this summer, the normally chirpy and happy Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) will discover that her dad has died – and it leads to her getting in touch with her mum Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin).

It was long speculated that ditzy salon stylist Emma was the daughter of Fiona, who previously worked with Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) many years ago. And with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) being Manchester’s most fertile inhabitant, reports have all but confirmed the long running fan theory that he will turn out to be her dad. Small world eh?

But ahead of this bombshell, Emma will learn that the man she has believed to be her dad all of these years has died. But that’s just the first of many shocks as she goes on to learn her connection to Steve.

But can she embrace Steve as a new father figure in her life? And how will she get on with the likes of Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) and her new sister Amy (Elle Mulvaney)?

A source told The Sun: ‘Emma hasn’t mentioned her family much since arriving on the cobbles but she does love them. She’s going to be completely devastated by the sudden death of her dad. She was the apple of his eye and she worshipped him.

‘It’s going to be really tough for her.’

Alexandra previously revealed that there were serious scenes ahead for her character to, who is normally utilised as a comedy character for the show. Having won Best Newcomer at the recent British Soap Awards, Alexandra is clearly being invested in by the soap as it seeks to expand her backstory and link her to the Barlows and McDonalds – two of the show’s mightiest clans.

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