Trevor Noah Says “Don’t Waste Your Time” On Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Nomination Hearings

Trevor Noah told viewers not to bother watching the Supreme Court hearings for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

“Please don’t waste your time because over the years, these hearings have become each party making big speeches about how the nominee’s going to save or destroy the party and then the nominee pretends that they have never had a point of view on anything,” The Daily Show host said on Monday night.

Noah brought up clips of Barrett’s non-answers to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s questions about Roe v. Wade, noting that “it’s no secret” that the former Notre Dame Law professor would seek to overturn the law regarding women’s reproduction rights. He added that President Donald Trump wouldn’t have chosen Barrett otherwise.

“It’s like interviewing a toddler to see if they’re going to misbehave if you leave the room,” he quipped.

Instead of the hearings, Noah said it’s worth considering another process of picking a new Supreme Court Justice. He jokingly proposed liberals picking four judges, conservatives picking another four and the ninth “can be guest judged every week, like on Top Chef.”

During Monday night’s episode, Noah also touched on Kim Jung-un’s emotional tribute to North Korean citizens, the new iPhone and fake ballot boxes. Watch the entire segment above.


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