'Twilight': Robert Pattinson on Fans Who Said 'I Want To Have Your Babies'

Robert Pattinson is easily one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood. He is currently the face of a huge film franchise and will star as Bruce Wayne in The Batman. But, despite being incredibly well-known, it’s highly unlikely that anything will ever top the intense levels of fame that he experienced while portraying Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Longtime fans of Pattinson will recall that Twilight wasn’t the first blockbuster film that he starred in. The actor portrayed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire prior to playing the sparkly vampire, but even that couldn’t have prepared him for the mania that surrounded Twilight. In fact, Pattinson was completely caught of guard by the success of the first film.

Robert Pattinson had no idea that the ‘Twilight’ movies would become blockbusters

After Pattinson’s experience on the set of Harry Potter convinced him that he wanted to pursue acting professionally, he landed a role in the Twilight cast. The Lighthouse star decided to use the opportunity to teach himself how to act and proceeded to make very bold choices about his character. Though he approached the film in a very serious way, he didn’t realize that it would become successful. In fact, Pattinson felt that there was a strong possibility that nobody would ever see the film.

But Pattinson couldn’t have been more wrong. Millions of people saw Twilight and the fan base was so large that the film got four, additional, sequels. And fans weren’t just obsessed with the film or the characters, they were also obsessed with the cast of the film. Pattinson, in particular, inspired a lot of crazed fans. To make matters worse, many of them were young women, who believed that they had romantic feelings toward the actor.

How Pattinson dealt with the extreme reactions to the five films

Of course, the publicity that Pattinson received thanks to his involvement in the Twilight movies was hardly all positive. The actor also received a fair amount of hate and negativity directed his way for being involved in the franchise. But just how did Pattinson cope with these extreme displays of attention and emotion directed his way? In a 2008 interview with MTV, he got candid about how he managed to navigate it all.

“It’s the same thing either way,” the Twilight star shared. “I prefer sticking with the people who said they hated me. At least you’ve got to fight for something then. My dad said success and failure were both impostors. That’s the best way to go about acting, especially when everything is so extreme. Little girls saying, ‘I want to have your babies!’ And it’s like, ‘You don’t. Seriously.’ I don’t even want to have my babies.” Clearly, Pattinson found a way to keep himself grounded amidst the phenomena that were the Twilight movies. Only time will tell if another movie will ever be able to produce that kind of mania.

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