Ugh, ‘Grey’s’ Fans Are Convinced Richard Webber Is Going to Cheat on Catherine Avery

Grey’s Anatomy’s Richard Webber has had a pretty rough 16 seasons. Between the alcoholism, the loss of a wife, and discovering he had a daughter he knew nothing about, it’s been…a lot! Fans are worried he’s about to make a major mistake though.

In last week’s episode, Richard reunited with his friend Gemma. She’s currently working at the same hospital he is, Pac North. Quick reminder: After the loss of their mutual AA sponsor, Ollie, Gemma relapsed and got drunk enough to accidentally impale herself with her own high heel. Don’t worry, she’s better now!

Anyway, they ran into each other at the hospital and decided to grab dinner. The episode ended without showing the actual dinner, which has made fans really worried, especially considering Catherine and Richard aren’t in the best place right now since he got fired.

One Reddit user theorized that Richard might cheat on Catherine, writing, “Richard’s gonna cheat on Catherine with Gemma, isn’t he?” Another chimed in and said, “Yup, he’s angry at his wife and is prone to cheating,” referencing the multiple other times Richard has cheated. To be clear, just because he’s cheated before doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll do it again, but the point stands.

Another Reddit user chimed in with this unfortunately solid point: “Didn’t Webber start off just going to dinner with Catherine while he was still married to Adele? Hmm…I really hope this isn’t going where I think it is.”

YIKES. Okay, like I said, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll cheat again. I mean, people learn from their mistakes, right? RIGHT? Ugh, Richard, don’t let us down, dude.

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