Unbelievable! Bradley Walsh stunned as emotional Beat the Chasers contestant wins £60k

Beat the Chasers: Contestant wins with 1 second on the clock

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The Beat the Chasers host introduced final contestant Melissa who lived in Bury but was originally from San Diego, in Southern California. The freelance writer revealed she hoped to win enough money to take her young son to see his family in Australia. After a tense final, Bradley Walsh was amazed by Melissa’s performance and praised her “unbelievable” win.

With just six seconds remaining on Melissa’s clock and one second on the Chaser’s, Bradley asked the contestant: “What Oxford museum was designed by Charles Robert Cockerell?”

Melissa answered correctly with Ashmolean and defeated the Chasers.

Breaking down, Bradley held the shaking contestant’s hand. 

She said: “My grandma passed away a couple of years ago she was 101 and she was such a big fan of yours and she watched The Chase every day and she would have been so proud.”

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Bradley replied: “She would have been really proud, everyone’s proud of you that was great. She’s looking down on you now that’s for sure she’s really looking after you. 

“I’ve got to say you nailed it there were some unbelievable answers there.”

Melissa, who revealed she had an expansive perfume collection in her introduction, answered a question about perfume incorrectly. 

Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis commented: “I can’t believe you got the perfume question wrong.”

“I know because it’s something I should know,” she quipped.

“As soon as you said it you went, ‘Oh it’s Chanel’ you knew it straight away,” Bradley added.

The host praised Melissa for several of her answers including one concerning Everton manager Frank Lampard.

“My partner’s a Liverpool fan,” Melissa explained. 

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“£60,000 Melissa you can go back to Bury with your head held high,” the host concluded.

Beat the Chasers viewers were thrilled for Melissa and took to Twitter to praise the quizzer.

@Annie_B86 tweeted: “Well done Melissa, that was a hell of a performance!! She gave some cracking answers at times, and deserved that win #BeatTheChasers.”

@emmielukis added: “Melissa should be a new Chaser, what a star! #BeatTheChasers.”

@SeanieQuigley27 wrote: “Finally a big win this series and great way to end tonight’s show! Huge congrats Melissa on winning £60,000 with just one second between that was so tense! Hope you, Brian and Jake enjoy the £60,000 well deserved I’m so happy for you! 🙂 #BeatTheChasers.”

“MELISSA HAS NAILED IT! SHE WINS & TAKES AWAY £60.000! #BeatTheChasers,” @LemmyFan123 said.

@averageguy6 agreed: “Well done Mellissa, what a player! You could tell how much that meant to her as well. #BeatTheChasers.”

Beat the Chasers continues on ITV on Thursday at 9pm. 

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