Uncle Bryns house from BBCs Gavin & Stacey goes up on the market for £212k

An iconic piece of BBC TV history is going on the market – and you can own a piece of it!

A three-bedroom mid-terrace house in Barry that featured on Gavin and Stacey has been listed on the property market for £212,000.

The house which is situated on Trinity Street in the South Welsh town is also available to rent for £995 per calendar month.

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Couple Michael and Lisa Edwards first moved into the Barry property in 2006 where the then-new BBC series had just filmed scenes.

The duo were initially unaware of the infamy of the property until Lisa saw it was featured on the comedy drama show where Rob Brydon's character, Uncle Bryn was teaching Gavin about the internet at his home. .

In 2019, Lisa opened up to Wales Online about living in the house as she explained: "The first time I realised I was in the house was watching it on TV. I thought it looked like my living room at the time and it was the weirdest feeling.

"Our neighbours were away at the time so I couldn't ask them so I rang the BBC. They said due to data protection they couldn't tell us – they said they were filming series two and if someone knocked on my door then we would know."

However, Lisa also explained that Smithy and Bryn's iconic gym scene was never actually filmed in the house, as it was done in a room that was styled to look like her home.

She said that her sofa did feature in the iconic show as she revealed: "For season two they completely re-did the living room. There were stuffed animals and tanks – it didn't look even slightly like our living room. They catalogued everything and had to put it all back in the right place.

"We had this DFS sofa and when we moved it in it was a real struggle so they said they wouldn't bother to move it. We actually sold it on eBay and put on the listings that it was a famous sofa."

She also said that he had the chance to mingle with the now worldwide stars as they still stayed in the house whilst filming was in. progress.

Lisa told Wales Online : "Joanna Page was really, really lovely and gentle – she's tiny in real life. And Ruth Jones was just very well spoken, you can tell she's a very bright lady."

"James Corden wasn't really in any scenes but he directed most of it. There was one scene and I was upstairs and there was a bottle opener in a drawer in the living room. Every time someone walked past the drawer it started making a sound because it was a novelty one.


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