Vera star admits changing her mind on returning after each series

Brenda Blethyn is spotted filming new series of Vera

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This month, the popular ITV show returns after close to a year’s absence from screens. The final two episodes from series 11 of Vera will finally be released with the next season following shortly after. However, actress Brenda Blethyn confessed she believes each series will be her last.

Vera fans have been eagerly waiting for the final two episodes of series 11 to air after the show was mysteriously dropped from the TV schedule in 2021, a fortnight after it made its return.

However, viewers will be thrilled to know that starting this month, they’ll be treated to six self-contained crime stories, two episodes from series eleven and four episodes from series twelve.

The show first started back in 2011 and has continued to be a success for over a decade with DCI Vera Stanhope leading her diligent team of detectives to investigate complex and murderous crimes.

When asked what the future for Vera was, the 76-year-old admitted that after each time they finish filming, she thinks it’ll be her last time.

She said: “Every time we finish a series I say I’m not going to be doing any more. But then I change my mind.

“Usually it means six months away from home in Kent for me and in 2022 it was the best part of 10 months.”

The actress added that her pet dog Jack comes into play as he isn’t able to be with her in the North East all the time when they shoot.

Brenda added: “He’s all right after I’ve been away for a little while.

But if I happen to manage to come home for a few days in between filming Vera episodes he goes mad and then my husband has a merry time of it when I go away again with the dog wondering where I am.

The actress stated that because of this, she always says she won’t return to the ITV show for another series but after having a rest, quickly changes her mind.

She continued: “I suddenly might get a bright idea about what to do with Vera and suggest who might be cast in it.

“The emotional feeling also comes in – thinking of all of the other people who are still there who do want to do more.”

The popular show, which is inspired by the best-selling novels by crime writer Ann Cleeves, first started back in 2011 and has continued to keep the nation entertained for over a decade

Currently, Ann Cleeves is in the process of writing her 11th Vera novel which has not yet been shown on screen.

Although Brenda confessed to saying each series would be her last, she added that it would feel as though the show would be letting the author down if it didn’t continue.

She added: “ All of that goes on. Never say never. Things happen, and circumstances change. Enthusiasm and opinions change. So watch this space.”

A synopsis for the third episode of series 11 will see Vera and the team investigate the death of local GP Doctor Lucy Yo after her charred remains were found at the back of a burned-out car.

Although her husband states she was called out to see a patient in the evening, her colleagues at the surgery reveal there is no record of any person needing assistance.

With the question of who lured Dr Yo out, Vera will have to work out who wanted her dead and why.

The overview for the episode reads: “An elaborate affair, accusations of malpractice and an investigation into prescription fraud are just the tips of the iceberg with this case. As Vera seeks out the truth amongst the bed of lies the real Doctor Lucy Yo is revealed.

The new series of Vera will begin on ITV1 in January 2023 from Sunday, 15 January at 8PM.

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