Violent death, gun siege, wedding, two returns and 6 more EastEnders spoilers

In what could be one of EastEnders’ most unmissable weeks of all time, it’s all kicking off in Walford as Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) and Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) return to a Square in chaos. With Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) having learned the truth about Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), will the wedding go ahead?

Meanwhile, Mel Owen’s (Tamzin Outhwaite) desperation to get Hunter (Charlie Winter) out of the country ends in tragedy as the damaged and violent youngster grabs a gun and holds up the Vic in a terrifying armed siege, set on killing Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

But when the gun goes off, who gets caught in the crossfire?

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Bianca goes missing in action on the day of Whitney and Callum’s wedding.
  • Lisa returns and begs Mel for her help with Louise and Keanu.
  • Whitney has a big decision to make after discovering the truth.
  • Phil demands to know where Louise and Keanu are after coming face to face with Lisa.
  • Hunter lies in wait to kill Jack but soon discovers that the Vic is his real target.
  • Bianca reaches out to Tiffany after finding out what she has been through.
  • Keanu and Ben clash as the tension turns to violence.
  • A terrifying siege gets underway as Hunter bursts into the Vic with a gun.
  • Tina is worried when she spots Iqra’s bad mood.
  • A gunshot rings out – and at least one person dies as the siege reaches a bloody end…

Monday 2nd September

Sonia has arranged for Bianca to arrive as a surprise for the wedding but she has gone AWOL. Whitney refuses to go ahead with the wedding while Bianca is missing but Callum helps them reunite. But Whitney still has a decision to make after her discovery about Ben.

Mel sets out to get Hunter out of the country but is stopped in her tracks by Lisa, who is desperate for help with Louise and Keanu. Mel makes an agreement for her and Hunter takes advantage of the situation and disappears with a gun.

Phil hears that Lisa is back and sets Ben on a mission. Elsewhere, Keanu determines to seek out Ben while Whitney’s rage comes to the forefront when she spots Ben among the wedding guests.

Tuesday 3rd September

Phil barges in and confronts Lisa about where Louise is. She tries to put him off the scent but he soon realises that she is lying and Louise is close. Meanwhile, tensions explode as Keanu and Ben come face to face.

Mel is hysterical as she worries about what Hunter has planned. Meanwhile, Hunter lies in wait to kill Jack but learns from Denise that he’s in the Vic. Louise searches for Keanu but they avoid Sharon while Lola hides her feelings for Jay.

Back at the wedding, it’s make or break for Whitney and Callum – will the marriage go ahead?

Thursday 5th September

Phil finds Ben and learns that Keanu is back. He then demands that Lisa contacts Louise while Keanu bids an emotional farewell to Keegan – but they are interrupted by Sharon. Hunter is determined to get the ultimate revenge and all hell breaks loose in the Vic as a shot is fired.

Sonia gives Bianca a reality check over Tiffany, the aftermath of the wedding takes the guests to the Vic while Tina worries about Iqra’s bad mood.

Friday 6th September

Hunter’s siege reaches a devastating climax as things get even further out of hand and at least one person loses their life.

Bianca tries to talk to Tiffany about what happened with Evie.

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