Walk the Line fix row as Ella saved for third night Didnt even look shocked

Walk The Line: Maya Jama launches new talent show

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The new singing contest Walk the Line landed on ITV for its inaugural episode on Sunday night. The competition is hosted by Maya Jama and its judging panel is made up of Alisha Dixon, Dawn French, Craig David and Gary Barlow. The show sees wannabe stars take to the stage as they compete against each other to win a cash prize. However, the contest has received a mixed reaction, with many viewers claiming the show has been “fixed” in favour of Ella who keeps being saved. 

Walk The Line has been described as ITV’s new talent show with a twist, with £500,000 up for grabs.

For six days, five performers have to take to the stage and sing their hearts out in a bid to stay in the competition. 

On Friday night’s instalment, someone will take home £500,000, all they need to do in the meantime is stay in the competition.

So far, Ella has managed to beat off stiff competition for three nights running which has caused viewers to wonder if the show is “fixed”. 

After Ella was saved, Shannon Jones tweeted: “#WalkTheLine is the biggest fix ever in TV history. She didn’t even look shocked as she won tonight!”

Emma Royston fumed: “#WalkTheLine seriously this is clearly a fix, how simple do they think we are?”

Sarah Jayne commented: “She’s nowhere near as excited as she should be. I’m calling it… Fix. #WalkTheLine”

Maria added: “Haven’t watched since episode one, but judging from the comments here is my prediction. Ella goes all the way, but then in the final she loses to someone else and loses the money; just for the shock factor and to get people talking. It’s all a fix, telling you now. #WalkTheLine”

However, James defended the show saying: “The state of the comments on the #walktheline thread. This is why we need to get back to normal asap. 

“People are just getting so angry – even at a dead little show. It’s not that deep. Why are you crying about it? ‘It’s a fix’. 

“Nah, Ella’s just been the best so far – calm down.”

During Tuesday’s instalment of the talent show Ella performed a cover of The Best Of You by Foo Fighters. 

She received huge applause for her rendition which host Maya described as “stunning” to listen to. 

Judge Dawn French told Ella: “Oh Ella you slayed that and completely made that your own in an incredibly unique way. 

“I felt the things that you’re singing about and because of that I lean in towards you and it makes me love you a little bit more every night. I think you’re fantastic Ella so well done.” 

Craig David, Alisha Dixon and Gary Barlow also praised Ella for her “tasteful” performance. 

Ella, who thought she’d done enough to win the audience’s vote for the third time, decided to ‘Walk the Line’ instead of taking home the £30,000 on offer. 

Her risky move paid off and the songstress will be returning to the stage on Wednesday evening to sing against another fresh selection of singing talent. 

But will she be saved for another night or will she be booted off the ITV show?

Walk the Line continues tomorrow at 8pm on ITV, and previous episodes can be watched on ITVHub. 

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