‘What about Andrew!’ Adil Ray explodes at Levin in fiery Sussexes defence: Distracted!

Queen's Jubilee: Adil Ray and Angela Levin clash over Prince Andrew

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With the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations kicking off today, Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins debated with royal experts Angela Levin and Emily Andrews whether the public should welcome the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back into the Royal Family as Her Majesty appears to have done so. However, with public opinion also at an all-time low towards Prince Andrew, Adil and Angela clashed over where the public’s negativity should lie.

Touching on Meghan and Harry’s return, Adil kicked off the discussion: “If her Majesty the Queen – and this is her day and her moment – if she can say, ‘Well, I want all my family there including Andrew, Meghan and Harry’, who are we to sort of deny her?”

Angela hit back: “Well I agree, she’s the mother (and) grandmother, she should make the decision, she’s 96, it’s her day.

“But I don’t think you can then influence the entire population to feel exactly the same because we like the monarchy, I’m a really keen monarchist, I think it’s badly and timed. 

“Meghan and Harry shouldn’t come because they’re putting more pressure on the Queen, she’s got a very hard four days -“

Adil interjected: “But the Queen would’ve invited them so I don’t know what the pressure would be, maybe it’s making it better for the Queen? Maybe it’s making it more comfortable?”

Angela argued: “No, because she’s not very well, she’s got mobility problems and for someone of her age to have four full days one after the other -“

The GMB host cut in again: “Well, they didn’t enforce their roles. 

“They never said, ‘We’re coming no matter what!’ They’ve been invited, they’ve got full security so the Queen has endorsed this. So how in any way is this going to be bad for the Queen?”

Angela pointed out: “Well, I think that people who don’t want people to come will agree with that their behaviour has been appalling,

“And therefore they should be ashamed and should not come at this time and try to grab a few shots that will help them with their Netflix career.”

Emily chimed in to suggest the Sussexes’ presence will only be a good thing, touching on the Queen’s statement and insisting this is the chance for an olive branch.

However, Adil then turned his attention to Andrew in light of the out of court settlement he did with Virginia Giuffre after facing allegations of sexual assault – an allegation the Duke of York has always vehemently denied.

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“Do you feel the same about Prince Andrew? Do you think in any way that he’s a distraction, that he shouldn’t be invited?”

After Angela pointed out Andrew wouldn’t be involved in Thursday’s events, Adil did clarify he would be in attendance at St Paul’s Cathedral.

“He’s her son and she should choose that,” Angela insisted but Adil cut in again: “Harry’s her grandson!”

Angela went on to suggest Harry should make clear what he plans on saying in his memoirs before he can return, insisting: “The last time he saw the Queen, he then sold it to a TV station in America to tell them about what she said.

“These things should be private, I don’t think he can be trusted,” Angela added but Adil touched on the Queen’s quest for “forgiveness” while co-host Charlotte interjected: “We should all come together.”

But Angela wasn’t budging on her stance on the Sussexes, claiming they’ve “mocked” and “told lies” about the Royal Family – although Adil interjected once more to claim the allegations facing Andrew were more “serious”, saying: “We’re still waiting for an explanation as to what happened.

“These are much more serious allegations yet we seem to be distracted by Harry and Meghan -“ Adil went on before Angela cut back in to blast the host for not asking her about her stance on Andrew.

“I think he’s stained the Royal Family as well -“ Angela replied before Adil interrupted: “Should he be apologising? Should we get some apology from him?”

“He hasn’t attacked his mother -“ Angela replied but a furious Adil cut in once more: “Well, he’s facing some very serious abuse allegations!”

Charlotte then stepped in to bring the debate to a rather tense close.

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