What more do you want? Laura Hamilton exasperated by buyers’ lengthy demands

A Place in the Sun: Couple adds requirements for dream property

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The property expert was helping folk-dancer Gay and drama teacher Stephen to find the perfect retirement home in Finistere, North West France during Friday’s classic episode of A Place in the Sun. But as she showed them around the first potential home, the couple added more features to their requirement list as they labelled the house as “too small”. With a budget of £100,000, the duo revealed more necessities they had as the tour went on. Laura, 39, asked them what more they wanted as she joked: “Now you tell me!”

“We have a long list,” Gay admitted after stepping into property one, a two-bed cottage in Balozec.

The small community in eastern Finistère borders the neighbouring department of Côtes-d’Armor

The two-bed, two-bath detached cottage was situated on a quiet country road with a wraparound garden.

Valued at £86,757, Laura had high hopes that the couple would appreciate the traditional feel.

Laura suggested: “Let’s head over to look at the bedroom,” as they continued with the tour.

“So again, a similar size bedroom to the other sides and a similar light,” she explained.

The presenter asked: “Is this somewhere that you could really see yourselves living?”

Gay confessed: “I think it’s a little bit small – I do a lot of sewing and a little box room-“

“Now you tell me!” Laura sighed, continuing: “You need another room for sewing!”

Stephen chimed: “And possibly a bit of storage for your costumes? And you didn’t mention a hallway…”

Appearing frustrated, an exasperated Laura laughed: “Well just keep throwing things at me, please!

“What more do you want for your money?!” she sarcastically snapped.

She advised the two to take a look around the rest of the home.

“Not quite the start I was hoping for,” the expert told the camera, adding: “And now they’ve just told me they want even more!”

After the pair had taken a look around, Laura asked: “[Have you] changed your mind? Feel any different about it?”

“No,” Gay replied, “It’s still the same, but it’s just not quite big enough.”

“I’d love that separation from the hallway and the living room and the kitchen/diner,” Stephen explained, adding: “Just a bit of space.”

“Okay, so moving forward, I think space is key, separation is key and let’s go to another area where that’s possible for your budget, but we may have to spend slightly more for your budget,” Laura confirmed.

The next property was a three-bed house in Berrien, a pretty village bursting with character.

This time, Gay and Stephen thought there was a little too much space.

“You asked me for space, I gave you space!” she commented, again slightly irritated.

Eventually, the couple fell in love with a three-bedroom house in the small, traditional village of Laz and decided to put an offer forward.

After an initial offer was rejected, Gay and Stephen’s second offer secured them the house, which they were overjoyed to be moving to.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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