‘What the hell? Jeremy confirms Clarksons Farm season 2 filming isnt going ahead

Kaleb Cooper says Jeremy Clarkson is a ‘friend’

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Ever since Clarkson’s Farm hit Amazon Prime Video, viewers have gone wild for Jeremy Clarkson’s friendship with farm manager Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland and Gerald Cooper. Fans are desperate to see more of life on Jeremy’s farm and have been anxiously waiting for news of a second season. However it seems there will be a long wait ahead as the motoring expert gave an update on Twitter.

Jeremy was asked by one Twitter follower: “Can you confirm If the rumours are true that they are shooting series 2?!”

The host replied: “No. We aren’t. Write to Amazon, it’s their decision.”

With Jeremy confirming Amazon aren’t filming on the farm, it’s unlikely if a second season is commissioned, it won’t hit TV screens for some time.

The first series began back in 2019 as Jeremy prepared his fields to plant crops up until he completed a harvest to sell his products in the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

Jeremy’s update sparked uproar amongst his 7.3million Twitter followers with many furious Amazon Prime hadn’t already made plans for a follow-up series.

“@primevideouk @AmazonUK what on earth are you doing?! Get series 2 signed off, now! @JeffBezos,” one viewer posted.

Another added: “Agree. This was a brilliant show, Jeremy. You seemed extraordinarily happy going through it.

“Hope you can capture that lightning and enjoy it again. Fingers crossed Amazon realizes what they have here and find a way to do a S2.”

A third tweeted: “@amazon The season one of Clarksons Farm was just amazing. I would even say it’s as good as @thegrandtour, when not even better. I would like to see an second and maybe a third season.”

“Just you know myself and all of my children have loved this series xxx I will be contacting Amazon to make more,” someone else promised.

A fifth added: “@PrimeVideo @primevideouk this is the best thing on TV at the mo. Please please please make a second series. You won’t regret it.”

It comes after Jeremy spoke about having to return to his TV hosting role on Who Wants to be a Millionaire due to the dismal profit he made from his farm.

He told Farmer’s Weekly: “In my head I’m trying to do all sorts of things going into the future.

“There’s a circulatory to everything and it all starts to make sense to me financially in every way.

“You grow the lamb, you sell it in the shop, you grow the wheat, you sell it in the shop, durum or whatever it might be. Barley, I’ve got some very exciting ideas on that.

“Just seeing if I can make this farm work because last year whenever there was a financial disaster, I’d go and host Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

“But not every farmer can do that. I still can’t understand why my lambs cost more than lambs from New Zealand.

“I don’t understand that. I want to get to the bottom of that and I don’t understand how can supermarkets, if we grow it, mill it and sell it, how can supermarkets be cheaper than that?”

Clarkson’s Farm is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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