When Does 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Return for Season 7?

The CW‘s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is only one of three shows to make it to season 7 in the Arrowverse so far. And when you think about how rough the first couple of seasons of the show were, seven seasons is an amazing feat. Now, a little less than a month after the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 finale, fans are rearing up for the next season. The show has become a fan favorite among those obsessed with the Arrowverse. Audiences cannot get enough of this group of time-traveling weirdos with random superpowers.

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 7 returns this fall

Per TVLine, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns for season 7 on Oct. 13 at 8/7c on The CW. The number of episodes in the season is unknown at this time. But if the show sticks to its model from the previous two seasons, there could be 15 episodes. This number seems most likely given that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still affects film production.

Although the episode count is unknown, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will hit 100 episodes this season. Episode 1 will be the 98th installment, which means that episode 3 will be the milestone hour. Fans should expect an epic, wild hour of television for the 100th episode.

Most of the Legends are returning for season 7. The main cast includes Caity Lotz as Sara Lance, Tala Ashe as Zari Tarazi, Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe, Olivia Swann as Astra Logue, Adam Tsekhman as Gary Green, Shayan Sobhian as Behrad Tarazi, Lisseth Chavez as Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz, Nick Zano as Nate Heywood, and the (sort of) newcomers Amy Louise Pemberton as Gideon and Matt Ryan as Dr. Gwyn Davies. Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory will be a recurring cast member this season.

Everything that happened in the ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 6 finale

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 ended with a bang, literally.

The finale started with the Legends preparing for an alien invasion in 1925 because the Fountain of Imperium could no longer protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats. In the previous episode, Bishop tricked Constantine into drinking poison. Since Constantine tied his existence to the Fountain, it died along with the magic man. Luckily, the Legends figured out a way to save the Fountain in the finale. But after they did, the Earth’s protector no longer deemed humans worthy. So, they were on their own.

Sara and Ava decided to get married because what else is there to do at the end of the world? In the end, though, their love is what convinced the Fountain to protect Earth again. And just like that, Earth was saved, and Bishop was gone thanks to Mick and Kayla’s babies.

Of course, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had to set itself up for season 7. The lives of the Legends could not stay bright and sunny forever. So, in the very last scene, a ship that looked identical to the Waverider entered the atmosphere and blew up the Legends’ Waverider just before they could get on it to leave 1925.

What fans can look forward to in the season 7 premiere

Not much is known about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 as a whole, but The CW has given fans a little bit of information regarding the premiere.

Season 7’s first episode is titled “The Bullet Blondes.” The synopsis for the premiere reads, “After defeating the aliens and saving Earth, the Legends find themselves stranded in 1925 Odessa, Texas with a destroyed Waverider. Wanting to help fix things, Astra tries using her powers, which creates unwanted attention from the town and that of the new Director of the Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, and a surprise no one expected. Realizing they need to escape, Sara and Ava create a distraction by going on a crime spree with Hoover hot on their tails. Meanwhile, Zari is finding it hard to get over Constantine, so Behrad suggests the only thing he knows that can help.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c starting on Oct. 13.

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