Where is Clarksons Farm? How big is it and can you visit? All you need to know

Clarkson’s Farm has gone down a huge hit with fans since it started airing on Amazon Prime Video. The series follows journalist and presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, as he attempts to learn the ropes at farming. Fans are keen to find out more about the farm itself, including its size and location.

Where is Clarkson’s farm?

Clarkson aptly named his piece of land Diddly Squat Farm after claiming he knew nothing about farming.

He decided to take over the running of the farm, which he has owned since 2008, due to the previous farmer retiring.

His friends and family doubted him, but he tried his hand at everything from lambing to harvesting and conservation work.

The Diddly Squat Farm is located in Chipping Norton in The Cotswolds, and the exact location is on the farm shop’s website.

The shop, which Clarkson set up to sell produce from the farm, is at 5-12 Chipping Norton Road, Chipping Norton OX7 3PE.

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How big is Diddly Squat Farm?

Clarkson’s farm spans over 1,000 acres, making it one of the bigger stretches of land in the local area.

In the series, Clarkson was seen getting stressed over the size of the land when he realised he only had a couple of weeks to sow seeds for the harvest season.

His farm manager, Kaleb Cooper, spoke on BBC Radio Oxford about the sheer size of the farm compared to other locations.

He said: “It’s a 1,000-acre farm so it’s very big. The majority of the farms around here are averaging about 150-200 acres.

“You get the odd big farm that’s got 2,000 for example…but to have 1,000 is a big old chunk really.”

Can you visit Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm?

Fans only have access to the farm shop, rather than the land itself, and trespassers have been warned in the past.

In the series, Clarkson was gutted to discover a group of people had set fire to his hay bales after smoking on the site.

He also described the “alarming” moment he found a group of youths in his field where he had just planted expensive seeds.

There are areas for the public to walk around the outskirts of the farmland, but some areas are Clarkson’s private property.

The Diddly Squat Farm Shop website only advertises the shop, rather than the land itself where the produce is grown.

Clarkson experienced some unprecedented difficulties in the series when he opened the shop for the first time.

He was unaware so many people would take an interest, as the local villagers had been sceptical about the shop.

However, after posting on social media about the grand opening, cars could be seen for miles down the road.

The presenter has recently apologised to neighbours over the traffic chaos that ensued.

Since the series started airing, the shop has proven to be even more popular and demand is at an all-time high.

Fans are now waiting for news of a second season of Clarkson’s Farm to come to light.

The presenter had considered leaving the farm after the struggles of the first year, but he decided to stay.

He is still involved with the running of the farm but has taken a backseat when it comes to some of the roles.

Viewers will have to wait and see whether Clarkson considers filming another year’s work.

They would most certainly welcome more episodes featuring the presenter and his breakout stars.

Clarkson’s Farm airs on Amazon Prime Video

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