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CASUALTY first hit our screens back in 1986 and started out with ten main cast members.

But where is the original cast now? From starring in Harry Potter to winning an Oscar – here's what the original Casualty stars are doing now.

Who was in the original cast of Casualty?

Derek Thompson

Actor Derek Thompson has been a staple of the medical emergency drama ever since the show first aired in 1986.

From the very beginning, Thompson has portrayed the character Charlie Fairhead – and he still holds that role to this very day.

He is the only remaining character from the original cast, after waving goodbye to his first wife Baz, his second wife Duffy and his beloved friends Tess and Martin.

The show's longest serving nurse of the Emergency department has seen it all over the years – from multiple heart attacks to being shot.

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In 2004 his character went on a six-month sabbatical, which remains his most notable absence from the show.

Aside from that, Derek enjoys a couple of months out of the emergency room each year.

Cathy Shipton

Cathy Shipton joined the cast in 1986, and her character Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin came one of the show's most loved nurses.

After leaving in 1993, Cathy then returned once more in 1998 before waving goodbye to the hospital again in 2003.

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Cathy then triumphantly returned to Casualty in 2016 as part of the 30th anniversary and a year later when Lisa and Charlie walked down the aisle.

But in a sad twist of fate, her character was tragically killed off in 2020. 

Since leaving her character of Lisa behind, Cathy has enjoyed roles in TV favourite such as Doctors, Taggart, The Bill and Hollyoaks.

Brenda Fricker

If you remember the original cast, then there's no doubt that you will remember Casualty's most experienced member of staff – Megan Roach.

Played by actress Brenda Fricker, her character Megan may have spent the most time in the hospital, but she was the least qualified.

Brenda starred on the show until 1990 – however she did return again.

In 1998 Brenda's character re-appeared to attend Charlie and Baz's wedding, and then again in 2007 as part of the shows Red Nose Day episode.

However, her final appearance came in 2010 when her character Megan took her own life with the help of Charlie and Tess to end her suffering.

Since starring in the show, Brenda won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot.

And she appeared in the Christmas Classic Home Alone franchise as the Pigeon Lady.

She then went on to appear in a number of films including Angels in the Outfield, A Time to Kill and So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Brenda retired from the world of acting – but not for long.

The TV star returned to screens in 2022 starring in ITV's Holding.

George Harris

George Harris played Clive King – Casualty's first original character to bow out after just one series.

However, 18 years later actor Harris walked through the hospital's doors once more – but this time to play an entirely different character.

George returned as Neville Newton – the father of murdered paramedic Fin.

Since appearing in Casualty, George has gone on to play some very famous roles, including playing Kingsley Shacklebolt in three of the Harry Potter films and Captain Simon Katanga in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Christopher Rozycki

Christopher Rozycki played one of Casualty's hospital porters Kuba Trzincski – appearing in the shows first three series.

However, Christopher waved goodbye to his character Kuba in 1988 and went on to star in The Royal, The Bill and the film Truly Madly Deeply.

He also appeared in the fifth series as Downton Abbey.

Sadly, Christopher passed away in 2015 after suffering a fall.

Lisa Bowerman

If you remember Lisa Bowerman's character Sandra Mute then you will remember her time on Casualty was a difficult one.

Her character was involved in an affair with fellow married paramedic Andy but later called things off when the guilt got too much for her to handle.

In 1987, viewers waved goodbye to Sandra after she was stabbed by a drunk patient and tragically died despite the team's best efforts to save her.

But her time away from the show wasn't forever, as she later returned in 2007 – this time as a different character.

Now, the actress continues to work in the industry and has appeared on shows such as Doctors, Doctor Who, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street.

Robert Pugh

Actor Robert Pugh played paramedic Andy Ponting for one year before bowing out from the show.

While on Casualty Andy embarked in an affair with fellow paramedic Sandra who tragically died.

Devastated by her death, Andy decided he could no longer be a paramedic and left the show behind in 1987.

Robert has since been cast in Midsomer Murders, Doctor Who, Doctor Foster, Mr Selfridge and Game of Thrones.

He is currently still working in the industry – starring as Murphy in BBC's The Tuckers.

Bernard Gallagher

Bernard Gallagher starred as Casualty's first ever consultant – Ewan Plimmer.

The actor spent just two years on the show, as his character died from a heart attack in 1988.

However, to fans delight Ewan reappeared years later in a flashback sequence in 2015.

After leaving the show, Bernad went on to appear in The Sweeney, Heartbeat, Bad Girls, Midsomer Murders and Downton Abbey.

The esteemed actor sadly died in November 2016 at the age of 87.

Julia Watson

Julia Watson is remembered as Casualty's Baz Hayes and the doctor who married Charlie and had a son with him named Louis.

During her time on Casualty Julia left and returned on three separate occasions – however, her final stint was in 2004 when her character was killed in a car crash.

Since her tragic exit, Julia appeared in Doctors, Not Going Out, A Touch of Frost and Midsomer Murders.

She also works on stage and edits anthologies of poetry and readings for weddings and funerals.

Debbie Roza

Debbie Roza played receptionist Susie Mercier.

She starred alongside the original cast for 12 months before making the decision to leave the world of acting behind.

Debbie now resides in Canada, where she is the owner of Lakewood Market Garden and works as a Fund and Community Development Coordinator.

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When is Casualty on BBC? 

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Casualty airs every Saturday on BBC One.

All episodes are also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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