Who is Kiosk Cledwyn on I'm A Celebrity 2021?

WELSHMAN Kiosk Cledwyn was a new addition to I'm A Celebrity last year making his debut in the first week of the show.

Kiosk remains in his castle hut and is now tipped to return this year.

Who is Kiosk Cledwyn?

Kiosk Cledwyn was the grumpy shopkeeper who first appeared on I'm A Celebrity 2020.

When celebs were rewarded with treats from the Kiosk for completing challenges, stern-faced Cledwyn only let them have the items if their camp members answered a question right.

On Thursday, December 3, hosts Ant and Dec revealed it would be his final appearance on the show.

However, In the new I'm A Celebrity teaser, the narrator says: "Two heroes brave the elements to ready the camp."

Dec then says: "It’s a bit chilly," to which Ant replies: "I can’t imagine anything colder."

Dec addresses his grumpy co-star at this point, and says: "A frosty reception at Cledwyn’s?" with Ant responding: "I’d still rather take my chances out here."

As it begins to pour with rain, Dec questions: "Maybe one night in his kiosk?"

Ant and Dec then agree there is room for both of them, and they race off to the famous hut.

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Has Kiosk Cledwyn been on TV before?

As we don't know who the actor is yet, this is hard to say, but they are a first for I'm A Celebrity.

The show may have chosen an unknown actor, so it brings more mystery to the role.

Fans have already been speculating over his appearance, with some thinking he has a striking resemblance to Escape to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge.

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What happened to Kiosk Kev and Keith?

Kiosk Kev, who is played by a farmer called Mark Herlaar, joined the show in 2019 as part of the Dingo Dollar challenge as Kiosk Keith's replacement.

However, as the show is now in a Welsh castle instead of the Aussie jungle, it wasn't possible to fly Mark out.

A source told us: “Obviously flying Kiosk Kev to the UK was a no-go so they’ve cast Kiosk Cledwyn."

Meanwhile Kiosk Keith, who made the role famous, was fired from the show in 2018, after five years on the series.

The Sun Online revealed how Kiosk Keith, who's real name was Raymond Grant, had been sacked after being accused of arriving to work drunk and behaving inappropriately towards a female colleague.

When does I'm A Celebrity 2021 start?

The show kicks off on Sunday (November 21, 2021) at 9pm on ITV.

It will then continue every day at the same time.

You can also watch episodes that have already aired on the ITV Hub.

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