Who is the Badger on The Masked Singer UK?

THE Masked Singer is back, meaning that viewers are guessing who could be behind all the masks.

While the identity of the Badger remains a secret, many have a hunch it's Ne-Yo.

Is Ne-Yo the Badger on The Masked Singer UK?

It's not been confirmed who is behind the Badger mask on The Masked Singer.

However, that hasn't stopped viewers from guessing who it could be, with Ne-Yo currently the trending guess.

As the competition continues the Badger's identity will be revealed.

Why do fans think Ne-Yo is the Badger?

Twitter is flooded with viewers confidently guessing that Badger is Ne-Yo, with one writing: "willing to bet my life that Badger is 100% Ne-Yo".

The first clue is the singer's vocals, which fans say sound clearly like Ne-Yo's recognisable voice.

Others say it could be the lead singer of virtual band Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, because of his claim that he used to be anonymous.

Another theory is Ben Shepherd.

Meanwhile, guesses from the judges from week one are Ne-Yo, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, Andy Serki and Will Young.

What did the Badger sing on The Masked Singer?

Badger had the judging panel and The Masked Singer crowd on their feet this evening as they belted out Kelly Clarkson smash Because of You.

Following the show-stopping performance, the judges’ guesses varied wildly.

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