Who played Ross and Monica's parents in Friends and where are they now?

FRIENDS fans love the fact that Ross and Monica are brother and sister.

The hilarious siblings grew up under the watchful eye of their parents,Jack and Judy Geller.

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Who played Ross and Monica's parents in Friends?

Jack and Judy Geller raised Ross and Monica in Long Island, New York.

Judy is known for criticising her daughter Monica, but in her eyes her son Ross can do no wrong.

Jack on the other hand is more bubbling and is known for his inappropriate comments.

The onscreen couple are played by Elliot Gould and Christine Pickles.

How many episodes were they in?

Christine was in 19 episodes of Friends, and Elliot was in 20.

The only episode they weren't in together was the one where he gave Monica his Porsche.

In season 7 in the episode called The One Where Rosita Dies, Ross and Monica go and visit their childhood home in Long Island after they find out their parents are selling it.

Jack feels guilty when it turns out he used Monica's boxes of memories to prevent his car getting wet, when his garage flooded.

To appease the situation he hands over the keys to his Porsche, much to Ross' chagrin.

Where are they now?

Both Christine and Elliot were esteemed actors when they joined the cast of Friends with many acting credits to their names.

Christine, 86, was 59 when she filmed Friends and Elliot, now 82, was 56 when he made his debut as Jack.

Since Friends ended they have both continued to work in high profile TV shows.

In 2020 Elliot starred in Netflix's Grace and Frankie, and before that The Kominsky Method.

Christine, meanwhile, is known for her shows like Family Guy and Great News.

Are they in the Friends reunion?

Good news, both Elliot and Christine are on the reunion show.

UK fans can watch Friends: The Reunion on Now TV right NOW or on Sky One on from 8pm.

If you are in the US, you can watch it on the streaming service HBO Max NOW.

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