Why Fans Want Idris Elba To Be King Triton in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid'

People can’t stop talking about the cast of the live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid. Disney recently announced that singer Halle Bailey will star as Ariel and that actress Melissa McCarthy might play the sea witch Ursula. (!!!) But the company is still making casting decisions, which has people antsy and on edge.

As we patiently wait for more casting news, fans have taken matters into their own hands and are sharing who they want to see on the big screen. They want Idris Elba to play King Triton, for one, and here’s why.

Would Idris Elba make a good King of the Sea?

BossLogic got fans talking after it tweeted some fan art depicting the actor as King Triton. The photo is so good that it apparently made people realize how good of a fit Elba would be for the role.

He’s got the looks, the acting skills, and — not to mention — a swoon-worthy British accent that would likely have troves of people piling into theaters. But it’s up to Disney to decide.

To be clear, there’s no indication that Disney is considering Elba for the role, but who knows. Maybe the company should see this:

What about Samuel L. Jackson?

Can you imagine the Shaft actor in the role instead? While it appears that Elba has the most support, fans have suggested that Jackson would also make a good match.

One could argue that he and King Triton share the same deep bellow. Plus, Jackson has experience with kid-friendly movies (The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2). But the thing is, Jackson has a lot on his plate as of writing.

He has at least two movies coming out in 2019 alone and a bevy of projects coming out afterward, which seemingly decreases his chances — that is, even if Disney is interested.

Jason Momoa’s name has come up, too

More than 300 people appeared to support the idea of having the Game of Thrones actor star as King Triton, and we’re not mad at it. After all, out of everyone on this list, he probably does resemble the king the most.

But on the other hand, he already plays Aquaman. So that one is complicated.

There’s more

Fans have nominated at least two other actors: Terry Crews, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. One person said that Johnson is “golden and [strong-looking]” like the king while another noted that Crews is the only person who can match King Triton’s pecs “without CGI.” LOL.

The Internet had a choice for Eric, too

So, social media users didn’t just make suggestions for King Triton’s role. They also made it known who they want to see star as Eric, Ariel’s love interest, and it looks like many people have chosen Creed actor Michael B. Jordan.

“Okay, but can we please have prince Eric played by Michael B Jordan,” one person tweeted. Another added, “I vote Michael B. Jordan for the role of Prince Eric.”

But not everyone loved the idea. “I’m casting Scarlett Johansson as Prince Eric before I even consider Michael B. Jordan,” tweeted one person. Someone else begged Twitter users to find another actor.

With any luck, Disney will announce more casting decisions too so fans can have a little more peace.

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