You did have another option Nick Ferrari in heated clash with Insulate Britain activist

Insulate Britain activist clashes with Nick Ferrari over protests

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Nick Ferrari has hit out at an Insulate Britain protester, saying “you did have another option” to demand Government intervention on insulation. Protester Biff argued the Government should be in court facing jail as he lamented the judges’ decision to jail nine Insulate Britain campaigners for up to four months on Wednesday.  The Extinction Rebellion offshoot group caused severe disruption to the public for weeks at the start of the autumn in a bid to pressure the Government into better policies on insulation.

Eco-protestor Biff said: “We’ve caused a degree of upsetting inconvenience.

“Myself, I’ve stood in front of motorists, and it’s difficult.

“I’m an ordinary member of public. I understand the disruption but unfortunately, we had no other option. 

“As I just said, we could have been in this situation 30 years ago. You know, I don’t want to be sitting on the road and seeing folks in jail.”

Nick Ferrari chipped in: “You did have an option. Don’t talk nonsense.

You hold assemblies and rallies around possibly the Houses of Parliament, and you get your message across in this way 

Please don’t tell me you don’t have a choice. You’re a grown man. You’re an educated man. You have a choice.

Biff continued: “You know as well as I do that assembly to rallies, you wouldn’t even be reporting on them. 

“Assemblies and rallies wouldn’t even get this on the public agenda.

“In knowing short weeks, we have now a topic of conversation..” 

The host interjected: “You’re totally and utterly wrong.

“When the Gurkhas held their hunger strike opposite number 10. They gained global publicity. The husband is currently I think still on hunger strike. 

“He’s been on the television almost every single day. There are ways of doing it where you don’t stop people getting the hospital, the treatment, seeing dying relatives and you don’t stop people going to work.”


The caller continued: “Have you seen that poor man’s wife is still stuck on her own in Iran.”

The host said: “I know. But all he can do is embrace attention to it and the Gurkhas had a success with their hunger strike.

Why don’t you try some of that and not inconvenience people?”

Isn’t the bigger question-why isn’t anyone in court on behalf of the Government failing its legally binding climate commitments?

How is it acceptable that millions of children are growing up in fuel poverty in this country, the sixth richest on earth? 


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