Younger clip shows Liza and Pauline having an awkward encounter

What’s more awkward than bumping into your boyfriend’s ex-wife? Bumping into her while wearing her clothes, maybe?

In an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of Younger, Liza (Sutton Foster) bumps into Charles Brooks’ (Peter Hermann) ex-spouse Pauline (Jennifer Westfeldt) at the kids’ school, and to make matters worse Liza’s is wearing Pauline’s fetching pink bomber. Things have always been a little entangled and fraught between the two women ever since Liza not only began dating Pauline’s estranged husband, but also edited her debut novel — a tale based on Pauline and Charles’ marriage.

Luckily, this little encounter is resolved pretty quickly and amicably with Pauline even suggesting Liza be registered on the kids’ list of guardians at their school, even adding, “She’ll be around for the long haul.” If that doesn’t strike immediate fear into your heart for Liza’s longevity in the Brooks’ family fold, we not sure what will.

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EW was on set for the filming of Wednesday’s episode, and let’s just say things are about to get a whole lot more dramatic when the Millennial crew gathers at an author debutante ball. Formalwear and misery ensue — just look at Diana’s (Miriam Shor) furious face in the exclusive photo below.

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Younger airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TVLand and check back here after the episode for Foster and Shor’s take on this season’s big episode.

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